Noise S.T.O.P Acousti-Board™

Sound Deadening Sound Absorbing Insulating Low Cost

  • Best Value!
  • Fiberglass Free
  • Easy to Install

Product Testing & Information

Product Specs


Recycled Wood Fiber Residue.

Panel Size

2′×4′ or 4′×8′


1/2″ Thick


15 to 20 lbs/cubic foot


0.715 lbs/sf

Insulating Value

R = 1.32 at 1/2″ per ASTM C518.


0.35 per ASTM C423


26 per ASTM E-90

Flame Spread Index

>75 Class III or C)



Acousti-Board can be used as a flooring underlayment or as a damping layer between studs and gypsum board to improve Sound Transmission Class (STC) of gypsum drywall partitions. Schools, Apartment Buildings, Townhouses, Condominiums. Noise S.T.O.P. Acousti-Board meets the Requirements of ASTM-C208, the Specification for Cellulosic Fiber Insulating Board.

CAUTION: Noise S.T.O.P. Acousti-Board™ is combustible and may smolder if ignited. Do not expose to flame or prolonged excessive heat above 212°F without sufficient thermal protection or use between layers of noncombustible material. Acousti-Board™ is not a fire rated material.

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