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Acoustic Consulting & Sound Testing

We are specialised in Noise Control and Acoustics, and have been providing cost effective solutions and practical advice for last decade. Architectural acoustics encompasses the fields of building acoustics and room acoustics. Building acoustics focuses on sound transmission through walls, doors and floors. Room acoustics focuses on the behaviour of sound inside a room.

Building Acoustics

To prevent noise from entering into a room or to understand the degree to which it penetrates, you can evaluate its acoustics. And can be corrected by controlling reverberation and background noise by insulating and shielding.

Room Acoustics

In rooms and halls good acoustics require a design that is fit for purpose. With a better picture of the sound’s behavior in the room, you can improve it with redesigns or absorptive materials.

Product Noise

Product sound and noise emission need to be designed with both the user’s subjective experience and objective parameters in mind. Noise source identification, Sound power, Vehicle pass-by noise, Sound quality, Electroacoustics, Acoustic material testing can be solved.

Product Vibration

By harnessing vibrations, we gain great insight into the inner world of products, machines and structures. Vibration testing and validation, Structural dynamics, Machine analysis and diagnostics.


180dB : Space shuttle lift-off

130dB : Jet engine at 100 ft.

120dB : Threshold of pain, Thunder

110dB  : Rock music, Screaming child

100dB : Subway train, Blow dryer

 90dB : Factory machinery at 3 ft.

 80dB : Busy street, Alarm clock

 70dB : Busy traffic, Phone ringtone

60dB : Normal conversation at 3 ft.

 50dB : Quiet office, Quiet street

 40dB : Quiet residential area, Park

 30dB : Quiet whisper at 3 ft, Library

 20dB : Rustling leaves, Ticking watch

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