Soundproofing Foam – Cheap Alternate Acoustics

Soundproofing Foam – Cheap Alternatives (Part 1)


You could be one among the many people receiving complaints from your neighbors because of having a party indoors with a huge system of sound, or from just listening to your much loved music at elevated volume. It could be a wonder to your neighbors why you should install such a noisy system of sound for a birthday party, the reason you like to increase the volume while listening to music or the reason your band invariably likes practicing at night and so forth. They speculate are intrigued why you do not use headphones, or have the party anywhere else instead of at your house in order that it will not bother their relaxation at home or their sleep. They could understand better suppose you are a teenager; however what if you aren’t a teenager, or you have teenage daughters and sons. Your neighbors want respect for their feelings from you and may not be able to endure the loud music entering from your house. Even they might contact the police and certainly you do not wish that to occur. But, your teenagers or you do not want to give up the boisterous music only because of the complaint of a neighbor. Something can be done about this, which is installing soundproofing foam which will let you to play your boisterous music devoid of disturbing the neighbors.


Soundproofing Options


If you require soundproofing your music studio for singing or band rehearsals, you will need a decent foam quality, since for the studio you want the optimum acoustics. You can search for these foams by surfing the Internet or just going to shops selling music equipment since they usually have several options of soundproofing foam with diverse prices. If you only want soundproofing of your home in order that the noise will remain inside if you have a party, or you are planning to obstruct the noise from exterior of your house, you will be needing foam that is diverse from the one that is used in a studio. Also the foam’s thickness depends on the amount of reduction in sound you require. If you only want to lessen the noise traffic from exterior of your house, very thick foam is not required. Alternatively, if you require a kind of foam that can entirely block noise in both directions so you can have an indoor party devoid of creating an annoyance in your vicinity; you will need a lot thicker foam. Since the price of the foam for houses and studios is usually not cheap, you should be prepared to pay a realistic price.


But, if you are reluctant to spend much money on soundproofing, or just you cannot pay for it, by utilizing cheap materials you can soundproof on your own. Foamed plastic egg cartons or fibrous paper pulp for example; have been extensively utilized as a cheap substitute to soundproofing. You can begin collecting foamy or fibrous egg cartons since they can function as basic soundproofing.


The continuation of this is given in the next part titled ‘Soundproofing Foam – Cheap Alternatives (Part 2)’.




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