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Surface Mounted Automatic Door Seals

  • Reduces Sound Through Door Seals
  • Economical
  • Easy to Install
  • Durable

Product Testing & Information

How to Measure

Step 1:

Close door completely.

Step 2:

Using a sharp pencil, make small marks on the door as shown to the left. Mark both left and right side of door. Your automatic door bottom will be installed between these marks, so be sure to make marks dark enough to see, but light enough to erase. When the door bottom is finally installed, it should be approx 1/8″ short of the lines on each side

Step 3:

Using a tape measure, carefully measure the distance between the two marks.

Step 4:

This measurement notes a distance 35-3/8″. For this door a 36″ door bottom would be appropriate because it can be trimmed up to 3″.

Note: All door seals over 24″ can be trimmed up to 1″ & door seals that are 36″ or 42″ can be trimmed up to 3″.

Some field trimming may be necessary for best fit. For best cut, pull neoprene gasketing out of housing and cut with compound miter saw/chop saw.

**Do not cut neoprene gasketing until you are sure the door bottom fits exactly.

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