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Soundproofing Doors and Windows

Acoustical Surfaces offers a variety of soundproof doors and windows and sealing systems to meet your noise reduction needs.

How to Sound Proof a Door

A soundproof room is only as good as its components. If the door does not meet the same acoustical requirements as the rest of the room, then sound will easily pass through it to adjoining spaces. When fitted with the right door and sealing systems, noise will be contained and controlled.

Soundproof interior and exterior doors are an ideal cost effective solution for recording studios, hotels, music rooms, conference rooms, or any space that needs to be soundproof. Pre-hung doors feature multilayer construction in a variety of wood options suitable for indoor applications or metal for exterior use. If the door itself is not a problem, it could be that sound is leaking through the space between to door and the jamb. To solve this problem, we supply a full line of sealing solutions to keep noise contained. These standard and adjustable door seals are economical and easy to install.

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How to Sound Proof a Windows

Windows are all too often a source of noise transmission. Single pane glass offers little as a barrier against sound passing through it. To eliminate sound problems, installing a window with higher sound ratings is the ideal solution.

Our soundproof interior and exterior Windows are an affordable high performance noise control solution. Custom engineered to any shape or size, we offer windows with Sound Transmission Class ratings that will meet the needs of any application. For maximum acoustical performance, windows feature angled and flat glass and sealed air spaces to eliminate noise transmission.

For indoor recording studios, windows are available in numerous custom glass options and Sound Silencer™ Acoustical Frame Inserts. Exterior applications benefit from windows with acoustic inserts that can reduce up to 80% of outside noise while maintaining aesthetic qualities. We also offer a line of interior or exterior noise barrier curtains that absorb sound in quilted or decorative styles.

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