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Vibration Isolation Sound Control Products

Acoustical Surfaces offers a range of effective products that stabilize vibrating equipment and keep noise under control.

Vibrations shake things up and when it comes to noise, vibrations are usually a problem. When machinery, piping, or ductwork vibrate, the resulting sound can travel throughout the structure causing noise and unwanted sound. To prevent this side effect of vibrations, vibration isolation is key.

Vibration Isolation products work to lessen the impact of the vibration to reduce equipment damage or noise. We supply a wide range of products that are very effective in stabilizing the offending piece of equipment and keep noise under control. From simple clips to spring mounts and hangers, we offer the best isolation solutions on the market today. Understanding how vibrations cause noise problems makes us leaders in products engineered for all levels of vibration issues. Our products easily integrate into existing framing, machinery enclosures, or facilities to reduce sound transmission caused by vibrations.

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