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Modeler® sound system software

Bose® Modeler sound system software is an acoustic design and analysis program for sound system designers or acoustical consultants. Using a computer-based 3D model of the acoustic space and advanced acoustic algorithms, Modeler can predict a sound system’s performance. The first sound system software to offer full STI prediction, Modeler software has been a leader in sound system performance prediction for more than 25 years.

Product Overview

Bose Modeler sound system software has been a leader in predicting sound system performance for both indoor and outdoor environments for more than 25 years. Since its introduction in 1985, the core algorithms within the Modeler software have been continually updated, refined and expanded to provide highly accurate, computationally efficient predictions of sound system performance. Bose continues to invest in modeling tools that engage you in creative work to help you deliver the best-possible system performance, and to effectively communicate your designs to your customers.

We recognize that the process of creating a computer model can be time consuming. Modeler software incorporates a variety of design aids to help reduce the time required to develop a 3D model and implement a sound system design. Import functions from standard CAD programs reduce the time required to enter model data into the program, while acoustic matching functions help match the acoustic performance of the model to that of the real room. In addition, array construction tools are included to help automate the creation and layout of complex loudspeaker arrays.

As prediction accuracy has increased, the computational complexity of acoustic prediction and simulation algorithms has also grown. In some situations, increased accuracy can also mean excessively long calculation times for systems that incorporate many sound sources and receivers. Modeler software employs a proprietary calculation pipeline to greatly accelerate the calculation process, while maintaining the accuracy of predictions, reducing the time spent waiting for results, and increasing the time spent exploring new design options. Computationally intensive predictions, such as the full Speech Transmission Index (STI), are complete in a matter of minutes—not hours—for most systems.

Modeler sound system software is available in two versions: standard and Plus. The standard version offers all major features and functions for creating room models, implanting a sound system design and simulating the system's performance. Mapping of key system metrics such as coverage, loudness and speech intelligibility are available. Modeler Plus incorporates proprietary prediction and signal processing algorithms that allow auralization of multiple room models and listener positions. Playback is accomplished with the Bose Auditioner® playback system.

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