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Modeler® sound system software

Bose® Modeler sound system software is an acoustic design and analysis program for the sound system designer or acoustical consultant. Using a computer-based 3D model of the acoustic space, Modeler employs advanced acoustic ray tracing algorithms to predict the performance of the sound system in the room. When the Modeler software is employed on a project, you can simulate and evaluate a variety of design concepts to arrive at the solution that best meets the performance and budget requirements of the venue, while avoiding those design concepts which yield poor results.

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Bose® ControlSpace® Designer™ software

Bose ControlSpace Designer software is a graphical user interface tool used to design, configure and operate systems comprising Bose engineered sound processors, PowerMatch® configurable professional amplifiers and Bose control center user interfaces. Smart Simulation programming enables designers to create and test the programming of all system devices, control centers, zone controllers and general-purpose inputs—onscreen—whether connected to the system hardware or not. Integrated Dante routing, configuration and monitoring streamlines setup of optional Dante networked audio components.

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ControlSpace® Remote app

The ControlSpace Remote app brings personalized audio system control to end users from the convenience of their Android™ and iOS smartphones and tablets.

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ControlSpace® Remote builder software

ControlSpace Remote builder software is a graphical user interface tool used to design, test and deploy mobile control panels for the Bose ControlSpace Remote app.

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ControlSpace® SP-24 Editor software

ControlSpace® SP-24 Editor software provides access to all signal processing functions within the Bose ControlSpace SP-24 sound processor. Using the SP-24 Editor software system, designers can define signal processing parameters and store them as custom scenes while live or offline. The SP-24 Editor software is also used to update the ControlSpace SP-24 sound processor’s firmware and Bose loudspeaker equalization database.

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