Home Theater Installation Players and Roles Acoustic Products Speakers and Conclusion

Home Theater Installation: Players and Roles, Speakers and Conclusion

Talking about speakers, this is what many customers consider to be the hardest part of the choices.  Whereas with the video, the image develops it, the audio enhances the experience and captivates you. While the wrong choice of speakers can spoil the party, the right choice can really create a tone to lift you to a totally different plane. Architectural speakers no doubt are the automatic choice when completing a home because they mount flush with the wall; taking up little space and sounding fantastic. If your choice is louder sound, install floor-mounted speakers and wall-mounted ones at the back with the 80/20 front to back ratio for the level of volume. Irrespective of the speaker company that you select, it is their larger floor speakers that are always the leading models. For the consumer attracted by a smaller sizes, bookshelf speakers will do and they are suitable for smaller rooms. They are usually smaller than floor-mounted speakers and fit the smaller spaces. In whatever manner you consider it, the perfect audio and video sources can actually change your experience.

Concluding, we shall take up the brain of the theater installation, the receiver. This supplies power to the speakers, and in addition it controls the video sources and ends up being the true heart and life of the arrangement. You may have the best speakers but your receiver cannot support them only because the specs tag say so. You will not be getting anywhere near to what the real capacities of speakers are. Take the case of TVs. We do not know how many of the displays that we see conform to 1080 p and 120 Hz though they all seem unique. Same applies to receivers still more because the information supplied on the tag doesn’t reliably tell the actual story. If you happen to get a chance to listen to how precisely the receivers sound when connected to the speaker chosen by you, it is worth listening to it. The talks by colleagues and salesmen will only reflect their thoughts but it’s important to come to your own conclusion. Many may lie but your ears won’t, and setting up a home theater is a critical activity of your project.

Home theater installation is like a clean sheet of canvas spread before you on which you can really create artistic works. Consider the sheet as your room and the different colors to be the components. The stroke made with the brush is the addition of your objective. Use the brush and discover which master piece that you create can be considered to be worthy of draping on your walls as an element of your home. In the larger perspective, the experience with http://www.moovgroup.com home theater is something that you can really consider to be your personal achievement. Just make sure that you have allocated all the roles rightly. Theater installation is a genuine product of art, or you can say, your own work of art.

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Keeping Your Cooling System Quiet

Keeping Your Cooling System Quiet


Subsequently, homeowners realize that the system for cooling just installed by them makes additional noise than their liking. The below tips will help ensuring that everybody can yet hear the television above noise of the fans in the cooling system.


Anti-vibration mounts


When the fans start moving, they will be vibrating at least slightly. The matter is not whether they vibrate, however how to keep them silent. Suppose people hear a noise due to vibration, the preferred choice is anti-vibration mounts. Usually anti-vibration mounts are produced of rubber, and work just like standard ones. The rubber that mounts for preventing vibration are made of assists stopping the vibrations from arriving at the metal or wood to stop that irritating noise from disturbing favorite show of everybody.


New fans


After installing mounts for preventing vibration, the fans themselves could still produce noise. Mounts for preventing vibration will only assist with noise from that movement which will not be sufficient to silence a noisy fan. Every fan is not intended to be silent. Consumers may better remember that no such thing exists as a quiet fan, however there are particular products that are intended to be noiseless as much as possible.


Taking the time for shopping around to locate a fan that is silent as much as possible will be sufficiently worth the time when everybody can listen to what is happening in the game rather than the continuous whirring noise of fans.


Include a lot of space


For the fans there requires to be sufficient room in the media cabinet, and then additional room over or below cooling system components for circulation of air. Majority of people do not comprehend this because they are making their personal cooling system for the first time. Ensuring that there exists sufficient room for air circulation in the cabinet will be helpful in reducing unnecessary noise.


More fans


In case the electronics inside the cabinet are hot to the extent that it is needed for turning a fan on high choosing some more fans is possibly the way to go. Just install them, and subsequently turn every fan on low. It will be much quieter doing this than utilizing less fans and turning them on high. Including additional fans in the system for cooling also ensures that in the cabinet there will be a lot of air circulation.


Generally, when homeowners fit more fans to reduce noise, they find that in the cabinet there is additional air circulation, even suppose all the fans are on low. Subsequently, turning them on frequently is not required.


To install a cooling system for the initial time can be a little challenging, particularly when homeowners struggle keeping the cooling system silent and their electronics cool simultaneously.  These tips will help homeowners. Their electronics will stay cooler and run quieter and their system for cooling will hardly be heard, if at all.

Keeping Your Home Theater Cabinets Cool and Ventilated

Keeping Your Home Theater Cabinets Cool and Ventilated


For your home theater this one additional feature can add enjoyment and years of life with it. Do not let something this simple and small avert you from having an excellent system you can utilize continually. Purchasing one is much less expensive than upgrading the set up of your entertainment too.


Single or Double


Select either a single or two-fan arrangement for the cabinet. Everything depends on the extent of air flow you require. Also it depends on the extent of space there in your set up for the fan kit that cools cabinet. It is an excellent idea for measuring your available space prior to you shop hence you know your purchase will be fitting well.


Control of Speed


It is an excellent idea to invest in a fan kit for cabinet cooling that provides you several diverse speeds. Easily you can control the extent of airflow depending on the specific speed you will be choosing. There are only two speeds in some and others have many. Although, refrain from those having only one speed.


Thermostat Control


The fan kit for cabinet cooling made better brings you the finest of technology to the process. A thermostat control is there that helps you control when they switch on. When the temperature reaches a certain point, it will start automatically. Then you do not have to worry regarding the process. It will look after itself. It must be simple to work with and setting that threshold temperature.




Few consumers are concerned about the sound that a fan kit for cabinet cooling makes. It is vital finding one that makes low noise. Check the product reviews to ensure customers are not complaining about the level of noise arriving from it. You do not want to dispute with such problems when you are attempting enjoying your entertainment with the set up of your home theater.




Seek a fan kit for cabinet cooling having a solid frame. It requires being sufficiently secure for holding it in place. Suppose it is not a strong frame that will add to issues with noise because of the vibrations. A frame made of stainless steel is the most frequent that can be found for a product as such.




Installation is not difficult. You can install majority of these products with few essential tools. Read information online for finding out the procedure was like what for remaining customers. Suppose there are complaints regarding the help team or instructions for the installation, you could decide to choose another product. Suppose you are not sure, go online.


You must be able to locate various videos that share the process step by step for installing the one you would like to purchase. Your mind can be put at ease by seeing that procedure from beginning to end. You could feel quite confident doing the project once you see all that is needed from beginning to end.


Also you can hire a professional for taking care of the installation.

Make Color Coordinated Seating Sections Using Auditorium Chairs

Make Color Coordinated Seating Sections Using Auditorium Chairs

Large spaces like theaters that are to be used for conducting shows or performances need to be divided into different sections that are going to cost differently to viewers. Naturally the tickets for seats closer to the stage will be priced proportionately higher than for those seats which are farther from it.

One of the problems faced by several commercial venues is that viewers who bought tickets for cheaper seats occupy the more expensive seats once the show begins. One easy method to prevent this from happening is to install colored chairs in the auditorium for each section. Then issue every viewer with a colored stamp to be affixed on their hands that matches the color of the section they are going to occupy.

Red chairs could be placed in the front rows. When the man who checks the tickets at the entrance sells seats for the red section he will stamp the ticket holder’s hand with a red mark. Then whenever the patrons leave their seats and return, the ushers will check the people and ensure that they are occupying the right seats.

You can purchase auditorium seats in many different colors so that you could divide the area into few sections according to the proximity of the chairs to the stage from visibility point of view. Then the tickets can be priced accordingly.

If the stamping of the hand of your customers is not preferred you could tie plastic wrist bands according to the color of the seats. The wrist bands are easily identifiable by the ushers when patrons move in and out of their seats.

The colored bands also avoid confusion. People will make sure that the chairs they are occupying are of the same color as their wrist bands. They can also easily come back to their seats using the color codes of the sections.

Many sporting stadia have replaced the bleachers with auditorium chairs. The color coding helps the fans find quickly where their seats are. In a large stadium when you want to find your seat in the concession stand you can get lost, but with the color wrist band you can easily find your seat.

The wrist bands and the color coded seats would be also helpful if a child is lost in a stadium or an auditorium. The announcer could help the parents to find the child. The ushers could also help by taking the child to the proper section in case the child is unable to tell them the location of their seats. The colored band would guide them to the location where the parents are seated. The child is re-united with the parents quickly.

Auditorium chairs are available in different colors to create different sections within an area.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Do We Need To Seriously Think About It? – Part 1

Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Do We Need To Seriously Think About It? – Part 1


Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is impairment of hearing because of exposure to boisterous sound. People could have a hearing loss of a narrow frequency range, damaged cognitive sound perception, or other damage, this includes ringing sound in the ears or sensitivity to sound. Hearing could worsen progressively from prolonged and repeated exposure to noise, like loud background noise or loud music, or unexpectedly, from a brief noise of high intensity like an air horn or gunshot. In both kinds, boisterous sound overstimulates the tender cells for hearing, resulting in the injury permanently or cells getting destroyed. It is not possible to restore hearing in humans once it is lost.


Noise induced loss of hearing is the second most frequent cause of loss of hearing nowadays. Do we require to acutely think about it? Yes, it requires thinking seriously; today’s generation is in danger. Noise has become an element of everybody’s life that forces them into the threshold of premature deafness. Here a concise discussion has been made for creating awareness against pollution by noise and its unfavorable effects on loss of hearing.


Noise is defined as an unnecessary sound. The pollution by noise begins from the house and comes with us wherever we go till we return home. It could be in the drawing room, place of work, on the streets, restaurant, film theatre, bar, playground, transport; it will be present just about wherever you name it. Actually do we require this? Are we secure? These questions are common which bother us and most hard to answer. Our every day chores go on devoid of noticing this issue or we could have become an element of it.


The presence of noise everywhere is pushing the life of humans into a morbid condition known as ‘noise induced hearing loss’. In old age deafness is common, is a past thing, presently it begins in a premature age. This is a severe issue, which has to be understood, not permitted and our lifestyle accordingly modified. We spend majority of our life either within the home or at the workplace. Let us begin with the general things making noise in the home like ceiling fan, refrigerator, air conditioner, music set, television, blender, etc. Constantly there is a lot of noise created within the house from all these items, which can very easily make a person deaf. The people most affected are the housemaids and the housewives.


The continuation of this topic is given in the next part titled ‘Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Do We Need To Seriously Think About It? (Part 2)’.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Do We Need To Seriously Think About It? – Part 2

Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Do We Need To Seriously Think About It? – Part 2


This is the continuation of the previous part titled ‘Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Do We Need To Seriously Think About It? – Part 1’.


Today’s generation is to be partly blamed, since they are habituated to talking on the mobile phone or hearing the music by means of using the earphone or without it, in full volume. With the passage of time it so happens that certain nerve cells get damaged in the inner ear making a person deaf. With the onset of deafness, people really try elevating their music sets volume for hearing better, this pursues, the more the hearing deteriorates the more they attempt to raise the volume. Several have the opinion that music cannot be enjoyed by them suppose the volume is kept reduced, when actually they are mistaken. Music is such an amazing thing that can rejuvenate the mind of an individual and keep him in a pleasing mood, even if heard in reduced volume.


A person on stepping out of his house has to put up with the noise made by the vehicles, people shouting, honking, etc. And, those who have a habit of hearing the music increase their music sets volume mostly to drown the external noise. People who work in a boisterous environment like live bands, flight engine maintenance, power looms, automobile garage, welding stations, etc. devoid of protective gears are the most awful sufferers. They turn deaf before any individual of other occupation.


This must be an awakening call to all the persons who want to sustain hearing and restrain this menace. Few things if followed can lessen the noise induced hearing loss to a significant extent. Turn off the unnecessary appliances in the house and utilize branded products that make minimum noise. Utilize the music only when needed and hear it in a reduced volume. On the streets the honking must be minimum and only when needed. If you are in a park avoid hearing the music and enjoy the birds chirping. It is necessary to have protective gear if you are working in a boisterous environment; don’t be indecisive to wear it; in any case it is your ears that needs protection.


Suppose there is any problem in understanding or hearing a conversation made in a reduced tone or any whistling-like noise (tinnitus) in the ear, without delay consult your ENT expert and examine your ears. Taking a small step today will be a huge leap towards tomorrow in the hearing being preserved. All individuals must understand the consequences of the noise and its unpleasant effects enlighten others and safeguard the mankind.


Noise Pollution: Too Much Unwanted Sound

Noise Pollution: Too Much Unwanted Sound


Any sound not desirable like motorcycles moving on the street, beating of the drums or also the barking of the dogs is referenced as noise. Sound becomes unnecessary when it either gets in the way of normal activities like irritation from horns of vehicles, conversation, sleep, or diminishes or disrupts quality of one’s life. A lot of displeasing sounds that humans, animals and machines make that can upset the environmental balance is known as noise pollution. A lot of noise is not only annoying, however also it can be harmful to the health.


The measurement of sound is done in decibels (dB). Every 10 dB raise in a particular sound implies that there is an increase of ten times in the severity of the sound. Sound that measures 120 dB can harm the eardrums. But, sound that is around 85 dB can by now be harmful to the ears suppose the person is continuously exposed to it. Continuous exposure to sound such intense can bring problems of health like damaged eardrums.


Two major sources of pollution by noise are there, namely: outdoor and indoor sources. Boisterous music and noise that few electrical appliances make are part of indoor source and noise from industrial machines and vehicles are part of outdoor source. Noise outdoors can be because of construction activities, music performances, and machines, particularly in few workplaces. Hearing loss that noise induces can be caused by inside (e.g. music) noise and outside (e.g. trains). As per studies outdoor source add more to this type of pollution in comparison to indoor source, which is the reason there is higher noise pollution in urban places in comparison to rural places.


A person exposed constantly to elevated decibel sounds has higher risks of developing problems of health. One among these risks of health is building up an acoustic trauma. This occurs when a person is constantly exposed to a sound of 85 dB and over. Continuous exposure to a lot of noise can bring psychological and physical problems.


People exposed to a lot of noise can develop hearing difficulty, disturbed sleep and hypertension. A person and also animals living in an area polluted with noise can attain stress and become irritable and aggressive because of noise pollution.


Laws for noise regulation have been made. Few places made laws totally keeping out noise and few places only keep out noise during particular time of the day i.e. 10 pm to 7 am.


Mentioned above are only few of the much information about noise pollution. People carry out a huge role in regulating this. It is our duty to not make a lot of noise that can cause harm to remaining human beings.

Noise Surveys – How Are They Done?

Noise Surveys – How Are They Done?

Did you buy a new house or apartment of late? If you did, you may need a renowned acoustic consultant to tackle the noise issues. But before fixing the noise issues, the consultant will carry out a survey on noise. If you are not familiar with the method of carrying out the survey, this article may be helpful. With the correct information, you can avoid getting deceived by some inefficient providers of acoustic service.

Surveys – how they are done

While carrying out a noise survey, the experts will inspect all the rooms in your workplace, apartment or house for identifying places having noise or vibration problems. According to the building regulations of your state, you are not permitted to produce noise more than a specified level.

For example, in the UK, the noise level is compared to the level of noise permitted by the standards set by law. Generally, the limits are fixed by the WHO. The organization has fixed the limits of the uppermost noise level created by various parts of your residence, like bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms, to mention few. In a similar way, industrial buildings also must restrict the noise emitted within certain standards.

Some important terms

Normally, we use two terms when we talk of acoustic procedures: Sound Pressure Levels and Pascal. These terms are used by sound experts to measure the noise levels. Further, the measure of SPL is db and Pascal is the term that expresses the pressure when the level of sound is very high.

Noise Measuring Equipment

While carrying out noise surveys, various kinds of devices are used. Following are some tools used by the specialists.

Noise Level Meters

This device measures the amount of sound generated in a specific area. The device is easily portable and is useful to acoustic experts to study and evaluate the information.


IRM means integrated reading meters. This device provides integrated information about the noise level. Putting it differently, the device measures the noise level for a given period of time. What differentiates this meter from others is that it provides you the average data. Therefore, this meter makes it simpler for you to jolt down the variations in noise making assessment easy.


This is yet another noise level exposure measurement device that experts use. In a work area, the workers may be subjected to varying noise levels all through the day. Therefore, the company has to know the noise level that each employee is exposed to. This is necessary to protect the employees from hearing loss, for example.

For recording the sound, each employee is required to wear the meter. At the close of work, the company experts will record the readings from the devices to make suitable modifications to the noise levels in the work area.

Therefore, if your workplace is noisy, you can find a good acoustic company like the Moov Group to conduct a survey and make necessary modifications to the noise level accordingly.


How to Make Your Home a Quieter Place

How to Make Your Home a Quieter Place

The houses of today are built based on modern open-floor, light-weighted plans wherein you find it difficult to have a quiet and peaceful environment. In the majority of the residences, the walls are dismantled to make more space, kitchens are full of larger appliances, and surrounding the rooms are home theaters making noise an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. We create the noisy environment and only we can reduce it if you want to help ourselves.  Noise is not produced by nature, it is man-made.

The bad effects of noise include the messing up of your sleep, increasing your stress and interfering with your privacy.  In short, it hampers the quality of our life. Luckily, we have several acoustic or soundproofing treatments that you can make use of to ease the problem. To start with, let us see how sound really works.

Waves of sound produced when a bell clangs or when it is made by other physical objects reach our ears, a sensitive membrane i.e. the eardrum vibrates and this we hear as sound. If the sound is unwanted and not pleasing to the ear it is termed as noise.

Following are some useful techniques to make your home a more silent place:

Reduce the sources of noise

Buy only appliances making less noise for your home which include fans, kitchen appliances and so on. Buying such appliances is still more advantageous if they are located close to living or bed rooms. Pay special attention to maintenance of appliances in use. If something is not normal, check it out or get it repaired at the earliest.

Use materials that absorb sound

Materials that help to minimize sound and absorb undesired sound are what every householder loves to have. There are many things that can serve like a barrier to absorb and reflect the noise that enters your house. Such acoustic barriers are very helpful in reducing the outside noises and for absorbing the sounds inside. Get a spec list from the tradesman for you to check and approve.

Install doors that block sound

Doorways being the biggest opening, most of sound enters through this. Install solid doors and fit weather strip to block unwanted sound rays effectively. Solid doors are costlier but are available in many elegant designs.

Use weather strip for interior doors

Actually the sound doesn’t enter through the door, but sneaks through the gaps around its periphery. Thus, it is advantageous to fit weather strips or use door soundproofing compounds to seal those gaps with high-density, adhesive-backed foam tape. This will block external noise.

While the exterior precincts can be protected with high-quality acoustic barriers, the ceilings and walls of the house can be treated for soundproofing to minimize noise levels.

How to Choose an Acoustic Consultant

How to Choose an Acoustic Consultant


Those days are long past when you can have a day without pollution by noise. Everyone is in search of a surrounding free from noise however unfortunately there is no such place left where you can spend some hours in peace. Pollution by noise is one among the irritating things that you come across. No place is there where you do not come across pollution by noise be it your surrounding or home. Regularly noise surveys are done for keeping a check on noise pollution.


So you must plan for making a locality free from pollution by noise and to do that select an acoustic consultant for guiding you through the entire process.


An acoustic consultant specializes in assessment of noise and vibration and performs testing of sound insulation.


How to select a consultant?


Everyone claims that they provide the best services. However, you must not depend on these advertisements prior to selecting a consultant. You must check his experience and whether any accredited institution recognizes him.


An ideal consultant must have the below qualities.


  • He must be able to direct you through your acoustic procedure and sound insulation effectively.
  • For your building, equipments like vibration meter, sound level analyzer, and sound limiters are necessary. For your building, an acoustic consultant must be able to supply all these equipments.
  • He must provide services that are transparent
  • He must have nationwide coverage.
  • He must have quick turnaround.


A good consultant must be able to finish the job in a chosen time. While selecting an acoustic consultant, you must look after your needs and consequently select the right consultant.


Objective of noise survey


Mostly these days surveys for noise are done to check for hazards due to noise pollution. You must know the fact that pollution by noise can cause loss of hearing in the long duration. Besides that a lot of noise is irritating. You cannot calm down and constant exposure to deafening noise could lead to headache and other ailments of ear.


The meter for sound level is utilized to detect pollution by noise. It is a microphone that detects changes in variation of sound air pressure connected with the sound and alters them into electrical signals that the microphone can detect.


These instruments are utilized by acoustic consultant to control noise.


Acoustic consultant must perform the below functions:


  • Perform noise assessment and ensure whether they fulfill building regulations.
  • Checking out for levels of sound in diverse areas and if a legal limit is crossed by them their job is to inform the authorities concerned.
  • Noise surveys are performed in regular time intervals.
  • After performing noise survey, make reports, and share the information desired with other consultant, so as making a regular survey report.
  • Exploring how variations of sound affect machinery.


These consultants work in collaboration with municipalities, engineers, and owners of building.


As noise pollution is increasing day by day, you must consult an acoustic consultant for getting rid of surplus noise.