Isolating acoustic drums for live performances.

You don’t need to be a music enthusiast to be aware of the fact how some musical instruments, when played without any adjustments, overwhelm other instruments. Musical instruments like drums and flutes are like this. The sound of drums sometimes overwhelm other instruments, drowning down their voices. This is an inherent nature of percussion instruments. They make loud sounds that drown out sounds of other instruments like keyboards, guitars,and even that of vocalists. To resolve this issue, drummers have tried replacing acoustic drums with electronic drums or V-drums. But due to the preference of natural sound over artificial sounds, most of them gave up on this replacement. During recording and live performances, drum issues are dealt with by using drum shield enclosures and sound baffles. It will reduce the sound level of drums without affecting its natural sound.

There are different ways with which a drum can be isolated but the most effective way is to build a drum enclosure system. Plexiglas and superior acrylic panels can be used to provide acoustic isolation of drum from other instruments in the recording studio or stage. This will help drum blend in with other musical instruments and vocal to produce high quality music. These panels are made using acrylics of thickness 1/4 inch. They are available in various configurations. Special extenders are available, with which you can increase the height of the enclosure to cover larger drum kits.

Buying electric drum kit is another solution. Electric drum kits offer several features that acoustic drums don’t. Multiple sound options and direct recording are two the benefits. This is more appealing to beginners and also those who wouldn’t want their neighbour to be disturbed by their drum practice.

Electric drum kits are available in modern electronic appearance and also in the traditional appearance for those who prefer that. In some cases, you will have freedom to customize drum sets. This is not widely discussed as in the case of acoustic drums because of the fact that you are able to change the sounds in electric drums without having to add an extra pad or drum. In the case of acoustic drums, to play a new note, you will have to buy a new drum. But despite this versatility, people add cymbals and additional pads to make a set of their tastes. Unlike in the case of acoustic drums, new sounds can be created, that will give a modern feel.

Thus, isolating acoustic drums or replacing them with electric drums is an effective way to control the sound of drums to suit live recordings or performances.

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