Listening Room Acoustics: 7 Common Myths

Listening Room Acoustics: 7 Common Myths


You have invested a lot of money in a great hi-fidelity system; however something still does not sound correct to you. Unluckily, even the most costly system by itself will not automatically generate great sound. That is where room acoustics enter. Usually room acoustics is a misinterpreted field – and one where easily you can be deceived into spending cash on solutions that don’t fulfill what they assure.


Here is a look at seven usual myths of room acoustics.


1: Just Add Curtains And Carpets For Great Sound.


Curtains and carpets do not translate to a total acoustic solution. They only deal with the frequencies that are high – and they just cannot provide the defined performance of acoustic panels that are lab-tested. Worse, neither deals with the vital problems of boomy bass and speaker boundary interference.


2: Soundproofing Implies Good Acoustics.


Soundproofing and acoustic treatment are not the same. Soundproofing just stops sound from coming in or exiting a space – it does not deal with the inner sound reflections of the space. In reality, the bass problems will be more serious if you soundproof more, since low frequencies are confined inside.


3: That Boomy Bass Can Be “Tweaked”.


The wavelength of frequencies of bass implies that “tweaks” cannot solve the irregular bass decay time in a room. As an alternative, tweaks generally alter the balance of frequencies from mid to high corresponding to the bass. This causes you to ascertain less bass boom – however the problem is yet there.


4: Treatment Of Room Makes It Lifeless And Dead.


Professional design of acoustics makes living spaces. Its unrestrained abuse of thin acoustic material – such as egg crate foam – excessively absorbs high frequencies and dampens the sound in a room. Smart solutions aspire for flat diffusion/absorption throughout the audible spectrum.


5: Treatment Of Room Is Ugly.


These days acoustic panels seamlessly blend with your inner design and include beauty to your space. The trick is integrating room treatment while designing and building your listening room, rather than adding it later.


6: Room Treatment Is Costly.


You will find an array of prices for choices in room acoustics. A skilled consultant can assist you be a knowledgeable shopper and produce an affordable room in which you can actually enjoy the equipment for media you have already bought.


7: Answers Can Be Found On The Internet.


Each space is exclusive, and the internet cannot address the complications of your individual acoustic challenges. A skilled consultant with actual practice can save you money and time, mainly when introduced into the project early.

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