Roman shades, the new trend in curtains.

Interior designing has emerged as a prominent profession after decades of being buried under the rugs as an undesired field. In a world where we spend most of our lives inside four walls, it has become essential to beautify these four walls for overall betterment of the quality of our lifestyle. From daily life to office work, people are starting to realise the role of interior designing in enhancing their mood, behaviour, and thoughts, which in turn affects their productivity, creativity and even harmonized existence.

Curtains have been a part of interior designing process since long. Basic use of a curtain is not only to allow desired amount of light to pass into the room but also to provide privacy to the residents. Usage of curtains of appropriate style and colour will enhance the appearance of any room. In the interior designing field, different types of curtains have been introduced and they change with changing trends.

Roman shades is the current trend in window fashions. Roman shades are defined as efficient, clean and classic. It contains a continuous cord loop, a standard cord lock, or a remote controlled motor which is used to pull the fabric up or lower it down. In the down position, the fabric can be in hobbled, flat, or in a waterfall formation. The shade may be lined with room darkening lining or light filtering lining. The face fabric is available with many options which allows roman shades to be used with any design style. You can change up the fabric and style of the roman shades to go with any kind of styling like modern or traditional. Be it a children’s room, office, kitchen living room, or bathroom, roman shades fits. When raised, the fabric rolls up and forms a valance look. It is a very clean look.

Roman shades can be placed on the outside as well as the inside of a window frame. There should be two inch flat surface inside the top portion of the window casing to fix the shade. It is important to remember that on an inside mount, there will be a small gap on the left and right sides for easy and smooth operation. In the case where there is no two inches of mounting depth on top of the window, mount your shades outside the window. A shade mounted on the outside is usually fastened to the window trim and will extend on the outside of the trim from the left end to the right end. If you are using the shades to darken the room, it is better to go for this option since the overlapping on the window will block more light.

A superior quality Roman shades that are professionally made will last ten years or more, even when raised and lowered every day. The rings, hand sewn on the back, will not deteriorate under sunlight. To ensure durability and long life, all Roman shades are lined. Roman shades can be custom made to fit your room and adds a finishing touch to your room.

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