Sound Insulation Testing

Sound Insulation Testing


The objective of sound testing is making sure your setup has adequate level of airborne and impact sound insulation depending on the regulations of building in your area. You could have to fulfill the requirements so as to ensure that your building is completely compliant. Let us know more about it.


What is tested?


How many walls and floors that you are going to test depend on the quality and type of the building besides the method of construction. In fact, the number of tests varies depending on the amount of buildings and also the quality of the buildings.


Is your building ready?


Prior to hiring a service for sound testing, it is suggested that you ensure that your building is prepared for the performance test. That is to say, the windows and doors must be fitted and closed. The systems for ventilation must also be correctly installed. Besides this, the sockets, light switches, and skirting boards must also be ready.


Cost of sound testing


Majority of providers offer helpful services for the amount paid. You could want to search for a service provider who gives significance to their customers. The “site fee” comprises of the equipment, reporting, and engineer’s fees. Generally, every test is charged individually so as to reduce your expenses. Additionally, for mass testing, you can obtain special discounts. Hence, the cost will differ based on the number of rooms that you would like to get tested.


Failed tests


If a test is unsuccessful, the company could offer a design or re-test service without charge. It is vital to remember that the engineer could let you know suppose the test is going to be unsuccessful. Actually, seldom the tests fail. Qualified acoustic consultants assess the buildings and offer advice on economical solution hence you can attain the highest standard. Keep in mind: corrective works could cost you plenty of money. Hence, you could want to get the work completed thoroughly in first attempt.


Airborne testing


The objective of an airborne test is measuring the resistance experienced by the sound when passing via a wall or floor. In fact, it utilizes an omni loudspeaker which is placed on one side of the floor or wall. This system generates pink noise.


Impact Testing


This is one more general kind of sound testing. In the impact testing, a tapping machine that appears like a football is used for doing the tests. This machine is placed in the rooms at the top and measuring of the noise is done. Subsequently the level measured is corrected on the basis of the time of reverberation of the background noise and also the time. This gives a precise outcome of the impact sound insulation.

Hence, if you have been seeking a way for getting your building tested for levels of noise, it is suggested that you hire a good company’s services. This way you can be certain that your construction has the correct level of noise.

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