Soundproofing solutions to your noise related problems.

Bought or built a home next to a busy area/road? Or better, going to build a home/office next one? Wondering how to deal with the noises from outside that are giving you a headache or has potential to give one in the future? If you think there is no solution to it other than raising your voice to be heard over those noises, you are wrong.

Soundproof wall is the solution to your problems.

Where to use a soundproof wall

Decide, in which room you would want to add a soundproofing wall and explore the ways in which it can be installed. You can have soundproof walls in rooms like office, bedroom, etcetera. Chose those rooms that will benefit from soundproofing. If you have to work long hours at times and need uninterrupted sleep, it is better you soundproof your room. Or if it is a home theatre, for the best movie experience, you would want to soundproof it.

Why to use a soundproof wall

Soundproof rooms will provide you with a calm space where you can rest and calm your nerves after a hectic tension filled day at work. Or may be it is a noise-free alone time with your spouse that you would want. If you are working at home, wouldn’t it be better if you could work in a noise-free environment. Or if your job requires to see your clients frequently in your office, it would give them a good impression if your office is noise-free that enables you two to interact freely without any disturbances. Whichever the case is, soundproofing the walls is the best solution.

Soundproof wall installation

If you possess some DIY skills, you can cut down the cost of installing a soundproof wall. A simple but useful tip is to avoid using nails. Instead of nails, use glue to stick the cork cushioning to the back of a half inch drywall sheet and then use glue to stick this to existing wall. This is due to the fact that nails transmit sound vibrations.

There are several DIY packages available for soundproof materials but your DIY skills may not be sufficient since the proper placement of soundproof materials also matter. If there are gaps between insulating material and walls, desired level of soundproofing may not be achieved. So it is better to use an experienced person’s help while installing.

It is advised to consult a soundproof expert or acoustic engineer while soundproofing your walls. An expert will be able to technically analyse the reasons for the leakage of sound from one room to the other and the ways to block it. While designing the interiors of your home, consult with the interior designer to incorporate soundproofing techniques into it. This way, you will be able to soundproof your interiors without it affecting the aesthetic appearance of it.

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