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Acoustic sound rating of Operable wall partition with high acoustical performance will provide sound attenuation of SOUND TRANSMISSION CLASS RATING of (STC) 40 dB to 44 dB.

Panels are manually operated with the top and bottom supported by retractable sound seals. The ceiling/floor contract device shall be operated by hand via jacking lock with spring loaded telescoping rods. The thickness of the panels shall be 100mm and maximum width is 1215mm. The individual panels are constructed from a welded steel frame, with two 16mm thick MDF Board/chip Board or Non Combustible Board (PSB Class ‘O’ Rating) and filled with 50mm thick 60kg/m3 of density rock wools in cavity. The configuration shall be series of individual panels within the partition having moving ‘nose’ elements with a travel of 125mm operated manually with a socket handle for the final closure and opening up the partition wall to be stacked away. Panel surface shall be bare finish MDF Board/chip Board or on-Combustible Boards. However, it can accommodate any decorative designs like wall paper covering, laminated, fabric or painting to architect’s or designer’s selection.

Weight of each panel shall be average 40kg/m2 depending on panel size.

Vertical seal and Horizontal seal

Vertical seal shall be extended aluminium tongue and groove element, when the panel is in closed position, the aluminium frame will not be visible. Horizontal seal -the top and bottom of the panels are fitted with black anodized extended, aluminium channel, housing rubber seal with a deflection of 30 mm to be compensated by spring-load telescopic arms which will stabilize the panels as a single element when expended


The track shall consist of aluminium, without Bottom Track and incorporating Multi-directional trolleys of heavy duty ball bearing systems. Adjustable steel hanger shall support the track anchored to the building structural element.


The overhead sound barrier system shall be provided above the partition track within the ceiling space of using gypsum board of not less than 12mm thick on the both side. Inside the gypsum board the rock wool insulation will be occupied for sound proof.

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