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Radiant floors: An ideal solution for maximum comfort.

Raised Access Floors’s radiant floors are designed on low thermal inertia principles and combine energy saving with maximum comfort in both heating and cooling. Radiant panels and UFAD systems can be combined to maximize integration of primary air treatment, dehumidification and cooling.

Maximum comfort is ensured by a combination of technical and aesthetic elements that blend together so perfectly that is almost impossible to tell the difference between them.Being reconfigurable as a normal raised floor, allows you to optimize the use of the environment, avoiding bulky machines on the walls and freeing the perimeter spaces, thus having ample space for furniture.

Flexible and versatile, perfectly integrated with RAF’s wall coverings, ceilings, and all the other products of RAF’s air conditioning systems. Raised Access Floors’s technical department provides all the necessary support in designing a Hi-tech integrated air conditioning system.

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